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Judy Thureson has a genuine desire to see people learn how to love themselves and live their most authentic life. Judy helps her clients unlock their superpower! She is passionate about helping her clients heal and grow through adversity. In the last decade, she has helped hundreds of clients transform their mental, physical, and spiritual health.

As the creator of the GIVE Principle, Judy reminds you that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Judy learned that being authentic about her healing journey has helped others find healing as well. She woke up from a dream and God said, “I am healing you so you can heal others!” Healing happens when we have a witness, when we are seen, when we find a safe place to be our authentic self. We are healing together as we witness each other dealing with our stuff. Life is not easy and life is not fair but you can still enjoy the journey.

In June of 2019, Judy experienced the tragic loss of her eighteen year old son, Jacob to opioid overdose. In the midst of her unimaginable grief she wrote the #1 Bestselling book, Beautiful Tragedy: How to Build Strength and Resilience during life’s Greatest Challenges  

Her book chronicles her experience and introduces the GIVE Principle. Judy is a trusted resource for grieving families. She shares tools on how to use healthy coping skills to navigate the storms of grief and uncertainty.

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Judy Thureson

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VIP Immersion Experience

One full day with Judy Thureson for an unforgettable experience. Spots are limited. Singles/Duets/Groups available. Phoenix, AZ

Soul Circle Accelerator

Come create with me! Let’s accelerate your business, finances, relationships and more! Open enrollment. Set up a strategy session to see if we’re the right fit!


Transformation with a vacation! Join two powerhouse coaches, Judy Thureson and Steve Bacon, at this all-inclusive luxury retreat in a breathtaking location where healing, transformation and creation takes place!

What People Are Saying

Working with Judy has been such a refreshing and much needed investment in my life. She has a no nonsense, yet compassionate approach with her coaching. 

Since working with her, I have been able to consistently create and share my gifts. Not only has my creative energy and heart energy opened, but I have since won a best comedic short film award for a film I produced, I have attained a commercial agent, and have booked my first commercial. 

Judy is a living example of pushing past fear, excuses, and comparison to flourish and serve others and serve a greater purpose.  It is her example of experiencing a most tragic experience, and not being drowned by it, but rather sharing her experience and changing others’ lives through it. It is her taking steps of faith despite uncertainty such as writing to Steve Hardison and jumping in a car with him from Arizona to California and letting her life expand and change, it is her creating The Ultimate Experience and the TCC, it is her owning and operating a Pilates studio, it is her being an author, it is her being. Her being has given me renewed courage and tools for tapping into my being.”

Tiffany W., Actress and Director

When I met Judy, I was a stay-at-home mom with a deep desire to share my magic and gifts with the world- but had no idea as to *what* that looked like, let alone *how*.

Over the last two years with Judy’s coaching, mentorship, guidance, example, and love; I have built a successful multi-6 figure coaching business that not only serves the world, but fills my soul.

Judy is the right balance of love, compassion, and gentleness, paired with enough fire to keep you in alignment with what you’ve committed. She is the embodiment of integrity, living what she teaches and always honing her craft. 

I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be where I am today, experiencing the success and freedom that I am, if it weren’t for the work Judy does. 

Lindsay G., Trauma Therapist and Coach

Vanessa G.

A mother’s journey chronicling the loss of her son Jacob to opioids.

My beautiful tragedy introduces the GIVE principle and shares how you can survive trauma and tragedy through a lens of gratitude and self care.

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