Judy’s family (Erik, Jacob, Emma, and Sydney)

My story

Judy Thureson has a genuine desire to see people live their most authentic life. In the last decade, she has helped hundreds of clients focus on their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Judy has been leading retreats, workshops, and conferences to help equip and educate people about the importance of health and wellness.

Judy has numerous certifications in the area of Health and Fitness. In Austin, Texas she co-founded Get Inspired Movement, a women’s empowerment group with her best friend Vicki and continue to equip women online.

In June of 2019, Judy experienced the tragic loss of her eighteen year old son, Jacob to opioid overdose . She wrote a book chronicling her harrowing experience, and will be released in the Spring of 2020. Judy is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and is determined to equip and educate those suffering from grief and loss.